You are an active participant in the energy markets, or you have business relationships with energy companies in your capacity as investor, supplier, service provider or large customer.


You and your company are participating in the energy markets and you are looking for growth: In existing or new business lines, regions or markets. 


You and your company are

  • involved in energy production, conversion or utilisation,
  • responsible for transport, distribution or storage assets,
  • trading or marketing energy products such as oil, coal, gas, electricity or heat as well as emission rights.

Financial institutions

You and your company are in the financial sector and provide capital for energy companies or utilities or you act as their service provider.


In doing so, you would like to better understand opportunities and risks of energy markets, energy companies or individually funded investments in order to take these into account before making capital available or offer services. 

Supplier, Service Provider or large customer

You and your company would like to deepen or enhance your business relationship with energy companies or utilities.


In doing so, you would like to understand where and how the energy markets are developing, what the reasons for such developments are and what interests the energy companies and their business partners might have.